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Dent County Commission Votes to ‘Mourn’ Same-Sex Marriage

A Missouri county commission has voted to lower the flags at the county courthouse and the judicial building to “mourn” the legalization of same-sex marriage.


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Nixon Signs Ferguson-Inspired Court Reform Measure Into Law

Nixon: “Under this bill, cops will stop being revenue agents and go back to being cops.”


Developer Paul McKee at state appeals court, (KMOX/file photo)

Kansas Firm Buys McKee Properties for $3.2 Million

A foreclosure auction on the court house steps on Tuesday was for 46 properties owned by stalled developer Paul McKee.


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Jefferson County Imposing Courthouse Dress Code

If you’re thinking of wearing pajamas, house slippers, shorts or tank tops to a southern Illinois courthouse, guess again.


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UPDATE: Shooting Inside St. Clair County Courthouse Parking Garage

The man found dead inside the St. Clair County Courthouse parking garage died of a self-inflicted gunshot wound.


County Courthouse in Clayton

Stenger Says Additional $30M for Courthouse Renovation Raises Red Flags

“This isn’t a 30,000 dollar cost overrun, this isn’t even a 1-million dollar cost overrun, this is 30-million dollars!” South County Councilman Steve Stenger said.


County Courthouse in Clayton

Dooley Asking for $30 Million More for Courthouse Renovation

A year ago, St. Louis County voters approved a 100-million dollar project to build a new family courthouse next to the main courthouse.


Madison County, IL courthouse

Madison County, IL a ‘Judicial Hellhole’

The American Tort Reform Association came up with the third-place ranking for Madison County, citing its abnormally high number of asbestos cases and litigation abuse.


Darick Stallworth

Stallworth Gets Four Years For Killing Five Dogs In “House Of Horrors”

“Abuse animals…and you’re going to lose your freedom,” says Stray Rescue’s Randy Grim.


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Madison County Sheriff Worried About “Cell Shots” in Courthouse

Smart phones aren’t allowed in the Madison County, Illinois courthouse in Edwardsville.



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