Statewide Earthquake Drill Prepares MissouriansThe Great Central U.S. Shakeout is coming up and Missourians are reminded of what to do in an earthquake.
Debris in the Road Causes Flat Tires on I-55At least a half-dozen cars reported flat tires and damage to their undercarriages.
Kansas Landfills Now Filled with Joplin DebrisOne landfill received more than 90 percent of the 3 million cubic yards of debris created by the May 2011 tornado.
Debris in the Road? Call the "Gator Getter"Barrel-like device whisks away roadkill at 50 mph.
City Starts Demolition Phase of Tornado Cleanup U.S. Army Corps of Engineers contractors that removed debris will stay until August 21.
Joplin Seeking To Expedite Tornado Debris Removal
Debris Removal Set to Begin in JoplinNo decision where tons of rubble will go.
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