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Ferguson-Florissant School District Facing Dramatic Budget Cuts

They’ve already cut $5 million from the upcoming budget, but the Ferguson-Florissant School Board says the district is still facing a $7 million deficit.


Economy Crisis

‘Fiscal Cliff’ Could Affect Missouri Economy, Budget

Missouri could lose about $125 million in federal funding for various programs and the state’s military-related economy could take a $1 billion hit.


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Opinion: Romney Tries To Reboot Losing Campaign With Ryan Pick

After months of failing to find a way to gain ground in the presidential campaign, Mitt Romney has hit the reset button by picking Paul Ryan as his running mate, but once the dust has settled and the Conventions are over, it is hard to see how Romney will have changed the direction of the 2012 presidential campaign.


Illinois Gov. Pat Quinn (Photo: Getty/Scott Olson)

Quinn Signs Medicaid Cuts, Cigarette Tax Increase

The $2.7 billion package of cuts and taxes is designed to repair a long-term deficit in the state’s Medicaid program.


US Capitol

Democratic Lawmakers Concerned About “Super Committee” Makeup

They say compromise is the key.


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Akin Will Not Support Republican Plan

Speaker John Boehner’s debt limit bill is up for a vote today, but its future is still uncertain.


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‘Gang of Six’ Plan Gathers Steam

However, members of the group say the plan requires a temporary extension on the debt limit to develop a bill.


Wall Street

Local CEO’s Weigh In On Economy

Creating jobs. controlling spending are the keys.


Congressman Todd Akin

Akin: “Categorically No” to Cutting Defense Spending

Instead, he said he’d take a “meat cleaver” to areas like the Departments of Education and Energy.



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