Dignity Harbor

Hopeville, a riverfront tent city for the homeless is demolished, May 11, 2012, (KMOX/Killeen)

Hopeville Wiped Off the Map — Homeless Relocated to Apartments and Motel

City officials plan to fight a minister’s plan to establish a new homeless tent city



Kevin Killeen’s Whole ‘nother Story — Former Homeless Woman Sad to See Shacks Go

Today, Kevin visits with a waitress named Amy, who came back to take one last look at the plywood shacks along the river she used to call home.  


City crews knock down Dignity Harbor homeless camp

City Knocks Down Dignity Harbor Homeless Camp

Some of the riverfront homeless sent to St. Louis County motel



Riverfront Homeless Get More Time to Move

No clean sweep by August — despite fatal stabbing.


Bonnie Harrington in front of her riverfront home

Timeline Set to Clear Out Homeless from Riverfront

After 90 police calls, including a fire and murder, the city is done with homeless living on riverfront.


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