Director of Human Services

The statue honoring the confederate states in St. Louis' Forest Park may be moved or may be clarified. A committee is expected to decide if the statue should be moved to a different location or if the inscription should display more clear and historical information. 

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No Committee for Forest Park Confederate Memorial Relocation Decision

Roth says there are three options: Do nothing, leave it there with an interpretive plaque, or move it someplace else.


Homeless Camp on the St. Louis Riverfront, spring 2011

Minister to Homeless Fights Plan to Shut Down Riverfront Tent Dwellings

The Rev. Larry Rice says tent cities are “cost effective to taxpayers”


Homeless woman, St. Louis riverfront, spring 2011

Is City Losing its Ten-Year Battle Against Homelessness?

Modest results reported in lowering number of homeless, despite millions spent.


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