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Black Mothers Wonder if Their Lost Babies are Still Alive

Eighteen black women who were told decades ago that their babies had died at a St. Louis hospital are now wondering if the children could have been taken from them still very much alive.


Courtesy of the Missouri State Highway Patrol.

Headless Body Found in 1987 Exhumed in Eastern Missouri

Authorities in eastern Missouri’s Warren County west of St. Louis have exhumed the remains of a headless, handless man in hopes of identifying him 28 years after his body was found.


Photo: John Moore/Getty Images

Body of Decapitated Man to be Exhumed in Warren County

Sheriff’s detectives are hopeful that DNA testing can be used to identify the fair-skinned man and solve the killing.


Photo: John Moore/Getty Images

Identifying Remains of Malaysian Airliner Victims Could Take Months

Forensic pathologists in The Netherlands have spent the weekend attempting to identify the remains of victims from the crash of the Malaysian Airliner. It’s a grim task, with charred remains degrading the quality of the DNA, and experts say it may take weeks if not months to complete the job.


Derrick Twardoski

DNA Dispute Slows Prosecution in Percy Deadly Fire

Randolph County State’s Attorney Jeremy Walker says state police testing of evidence may destroy some of the potential trial exhibits in the case.


Circuit Attorney Jennifer Joyce’s Tweets Draw Ire of Judges

The judges are concerned that such statements could taint a jury, harming the defendant’s right to a fair trial.


St. Louis Man Hopes DNA Proves Innocence

Rodney Lee Lincoln’s case was one of six chosen by St. Louis Circuit Attorney Jennifer Joyce in 2003 for further scrutiny and DNA testing.


File photo of a courtroom. (credit: Joe Raedle/Getty Images)

Judge Fires 34-Year Court Employee For Helping To Free Man Wrongfully Convicted Of Rape In 1984

A Jackson County Circuit judge considers the 34-year court employee an insubordinate for offering legal advice and being too chatty about courthouse matters.


Former St. Louis County Police Chief Tim Fitch.  (KMOX/file photo)

St. Louis County Police Host Self-Defense Workshop

County police have announced plans to host a town hall and safety class in response to two assaults by an alleged rapist.


St. Louis County Police Cruiser

Count Police Searching For Potential Serial Rapist

Both victims were Asian women, and both described the suspect as a Hispanic male in his 40s, heavy set, with short hair and some facial hair.



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