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July Marks Five Years Since 500 Missouri Dogs Were Rescued

They are known as The Missouri 500, and five years later, their story is both heart-warming and heart-wrenching. The Humane Society of Missouri rescued 500 dogs five years ago this month who knew nothing but fighting their entire lives.



Dog Killed in Park Fight with Another Dog

Authorities in St. Charles County are looking for the owner of a great Dane that attacked and killed another dog at a dog park.


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Stray Rescue to Receive Dogs Used for Fighting in Louisiana

Seven of fifty dogs will come to St. Louis for treatment.


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St. Louis Officers Get Schooled on Dog Fighting Underworld

Money and egos — that’s what an investigator says the blood sport of dog fighting is all about — a crime that St. Louis police are being trained to go after more.


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Missourians can now Report Animal Cruelty A.G. Website

Web page to also take reports of substandard breeders or care facilities.


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