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$1K Reward Offered in Dog Abuse Case

She was a female Dalmatian mix. Injuries to her rear legs had been untreated for several weeks which resulted in injuries up to the knees of both legs and gangrene up to her ankles.


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Badly Burned Dog Dies

A dog that was found badly burned and chained to a north St. Louis gate has died.



St. Louis Officer Hit by Ricocheting Bullet

Police say the officers were investigating a theft in the 3700 block of Keokuk Street in south St. Louis when they were approached by an aggressive dog.


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Family Adopts a Puppy Trapped in Car for Weeks

A puppy that survived after apparently being trapped inside a car at a Kansas City tow lot for several weeks has a new home.


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Bridgeton Woman Charged With Animal Abuse

A Bridgeton woman was recently charged with animal abuse after dragging her dog along I-70 on May 22.


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Dangerous Dogs On The Loose In North St. Louis County

Dangerous Dogs On The Loose In North St. Louis County


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Police: Woman’s Monkey Bites 6-Year-Old Boy For Trying To Pet Dog

A southwestern Illinois woman’s dog and monkey apparently are fast friends, so much so that the primate takes umbrage to anyone getting too close to the pooch, authorities say.


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Top St. Louis Rescue Shelters To Find The Perfect Family Dog

Here are the top rescue shelters to find the perfect family dog.


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Dog Survives Nearly A Month In Impounded Car

A Kansas City animal shelter is caring for a puppy that authorities say survived in a locked car that was impounded for nearly a month in a city lot.


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Illinois Senate Advances ‘Puppy Lemon’ Law

Consumers who buy a new dog or cat only to find out it has a serious disease would have a new form of recourse under an Senate proposal.