Doug McElvein


Nicholas Duffy Said He Was Sick

See Nicholas Duffy. See Nicholas Duffy bail out of the police car while it’s going around 30 mph.



The Visiting Nurse Association Is 100 Years Old

Beverly White of the Visiting Nurse Association spoke with Doug about their big 100th anniversary here in St. Louis



Here’s What My Snowy World Looked Like This Morning

Here’s how things look when I got up and went into work this Thursday morning.


KMOX/Kevin Killeen

Don’t Drive Like This!

Fallowfield Avenue in Beachview, Pennsylvania is where this video was shot on Tuesday. Yikes! We’ll have all the traffic information you need Thursday morning during Total Information AM.



And DOWN Goes The Texter

Don’t know who she is but this young woman certainly made a splash at the Berkshire Mall.



The Union Pacific Is Sending Steam To Missouri!

The Union Pacific has been running a contest to see where they will send one of their legendary steam engines this coming year. The votes have been counted and Missouri is the winner!



Talk About Being On Top Of The World!

It looks like some folks are being allowed to gain access to the top of the Burj Khalifa in Dubai. It’s the tallest man-made structure in the world and the view is amazing.


Tornado Assistance Drive with Operation Homefront Missouri and the Teamsters Joint Council 13. (Credit: KMOX-AM)

Thank You St. Louis!

On behalf of Operation Homefront Missouri, the Teamsters Joint Council 13, Carol Daniel and myself I’d like to thank you for the outpouring of good will and graciousness today. Thanks to you 13 truckloads of the very things people will need to begin to get their lives back in order left St. Louis for Fort Leonard Wood around 1 PM Saturday afternoon.