Dr. Erin Shannon McGowan

Dr. Erin Shannon-McGowan

AYS With Dr. Erin Shannon-McGowan

Dr. Erin Shannon McGowan talks with sports medicine physician, Dr. Matt Bayes and the head men’s basketball coach of Clayton High School about the risks of playing competitive sports at a young age. Erin is also joined by Matt Schelp, a registered MSHSAA basketball official and Dr. Matthew Christian Bayes of The Orthopedic Center of Saint Louis.



Charlie Brennan – Tuesday, June 7th

Charlie talks about narcissism and NY Cong. Anthony Weier, hosts a “Cicada Hotline” with Mo. Entomologist Mary Kroening, talks travel with PBS Travel Host Rick Steves and asks Investment Advisor Larry Swedroe why interest rates are falling instead of rising.