Dr. Joe Primrose

Charlie Brennan: Doctors on Legitimate Rape

The Todd Akin controversy saga continues causing Charlie to explore what legitimate rape is.

NewsRadio 1120 KMOX–08/21/2012

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TIAM: Learning Algebra, Getting Healthy At Work & NBC’s Olympic Coverage

Do we really need to learn algebra? Can you get healthier at work? What do you think of NBC’s Olympic coverage so far?



TIAM: 401K Changes; To Eat Fish or Not to Eat? And What’s Good on TV?

Changes to your 401K. Fish is good for you, but it is polluted with mercury. Matt Roush of TV Guide tells us what he saw at the annual summer critics’ press tour.


Studio B 5 AM

TIAM: Happy B-Day A.C.! Whooping Cough Is Back & American Idol’s Judges

It’s the anniversary of A.C. as we know it. Dr. Joe Primrose explained why whooping cough cases are on the rise. TV Guide’s Matt Roush talked American Idol with us.


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TIAM: Paying To Get Off The Plane First, Organic Food & Crime

Getting off the plane first. Do you buy organic food? The National Museum of Crime & Punishment has a new CSI exhibit.


One Memorial Drive

TIAM: Baseball For Backstoppers, Travel During The Holiday, Children And Ear Infections & Summertime TV

60 hours of baseball for charity. Going anywhere for the 4th of July? Taking care of ear aches. TV Guide’s Matt Roush.


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TIAM: Ameren Is Ready For The Heat, Jobs Of Tomorrow, Staying Healthy In The Heat & The “Orion” Program

Will your power go out during the heat wave? What will be the jobs of tomorrow? Dr. Joe on staying cool & NASA’s next big project.



TIAM: Airport Security Of The Future, Bubonic Plague Is Still With Us & Someone Needs Your Help

Will we be able to keep our shoes on? Dr. Joe on the plague. Time to help out the St. Louis County Police Welfare Association.


KMOX Satellite

TIAM: Anthrax Testing In St. Louis, Dr. Joe On Pediatric Surgery & Nurturing St. Louis

St. Louis gets 100% on a recent test. Your child needs surgery. Now what? Nurturing St. Louis today for a better tomorrow.



TIAM: Google Roles Out 3D Maps, Your Medicine Cabinet & Amazing Model Airplanes

Google gets going yet again. What’s in your medicine cabinet? Model airplanes that will amaze you.



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