Dr. Martin Rochester


Charlie Brennan – Thursday, October 16 – Dr. Martin Rochester, UMSL

Was the media’s coverage of the Ferguson protest unbiased? Charlie talks with Marty Rochester, Professor of Political Science University of Missouri- St. Louis



Charlie Brennan – Friday, August 9th – Former U.S. Senator Alan Dixon on Politics; and Dr. Martin Rochester on Student Transfers

Charlie talks with former U.S. Senator Alan Dixon about his book, “The Gentleman from Illinois”; and with UMSL Political Science Professor Dr. Martin Rochester about concerns with the St. Louis area student transfers.



Charlie Brennan – Tuesday, March 5th – Find out why John Ashcroft had different views on Guantanamo detainees…

Charlie talks with Jess Bravin, Supreme Court correspondent for the Wall Street Journal, about his book, “The Terror Courts:”; and with Univ. of Missouri-St. Louis Prof. Martin Rochester about local ACT scores.



Charlie Brennan – Thursday, August 16th

Charlie talks with Pulitzer Prize-Winning Journalist David Wessel, author of “Red Ink”; and with UM-St. Louis Dr. Martin Rochester about St. Louis area school test scores.


Missouri Congressmen Russ Carnahan and William "Lacy" Clay Jr.

Charlie Brennan: Russ Carnahan & Lacy Clay

Charlie talks with U.S. Cong. Russ Carnahan and U.S. Cong. Lacy Clay about Carnahan’s filing for Missouri’s 1st District, currently Cong. Clay’s district. Charlie also talks with Getarom.com Founder Bob Diener about saving money when planning your vacation and with UMSL Prorf. Martin Rochester about Asian American discrimination in the college admissions process.



Charlie Brennan – Tuesday, February 7th

Charlie talks with Fairview Hgts.,IL, Police Detective Tim Miller about a Red Lobster video that went viral showing patrons beating up a waitress over poor service; and with the Washington Post’s David Fallis about earmark money going to Highway 141, 1/2 mile from property owned by Cong. Todd Akin; and with U.S. Cong. Todd Akin who explains the situation; and with UMSL’s Dr. Martin Rochester about plagarism, a growing epidemic on campus.



Charlie Brennan – Wednesday, January 4th

Mitt Romney wins by 8 votes in Iowa. Charlie talks with the political experts, including Political Pundit Bay Buchanan, “The Swing Vote” Author Linda Killian, CBS News Correspondent Barry Bagnato and other. Charlie also checks in with STL Cardinals Broadcaster Mike Shannon, Actress Kelly Stables and UMSL Professor Martin Rochester.