Dr. Michael Lim

New Study Finds Twitter Can Predict Heart Disease RatesSLU Care’s Dr. Michael Lim says it was predicted better than some of the traditional tests.
Expert: Is a Low-Carb Diet Better Than a Low-Fat Diet?A new study finds the best diet for weight loss and heart health may be a low-carb diet.
Study: Electronic Cigarette Use Up 60 Percent Among Middle, High SchoolersAmerica's cardiologists are growing increasingly worried about electronic cigarettes.
Study: Stroke Cases Declining in U.S.A local cardiologist welcomes a new study that finds the downward trend in stroke cases is continuing across the United States.
Cardiologist: Still Too Much Salt in Our DietsA local cardiologist supports government efforts to raise the pressure on food companies and restaurants to use less salt.
STUDY: Breast Cancer Chemo May Lead to Heart FailureA local cardiologist says there are some serious heart risks that come with chemotherapy.
Doctor: E-Cigarettes Shouldn't Be Used Long TermWhile science is still being gathered on the potential dangers of e-cigarettes, what are smokers who want to quit supposed to do?
Police Officer, Middle School Teacher Save Student's LifeA Florissant Police Officer and Cross Keys Middle School teacher save the life of a student whose heart suddenly stopped.
Can Diet Soda Kill You?A new study finds women who drink two or more diet sodas a day are 30 percent more likely to have a heart attack, and 50 percent more likely to die.
New Wireless Defibrillator Safer Than Traditional DeviceNew wireless defibrillator can be safer than original device. Saint Louis University expects to implant 25 this year.
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