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Missouri Revenue Department Cuts May Be Permanent

The budget cuts legislators imposed last year on the Missouri Department of Revenue likely will remain in place.


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Ex-Trooper Blamed in Deadly Crash Seeks Driver’s License

The former Illinois State Trooper Matt Mitchell is seeking to regain his driving privileges after a deadly crash in 2007.


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Mo. Speaker Jones Vows More Subpoenas For Revenue Department

“Hopefully they won’t be too busy to appear this time,” Jones said snidely in the latest development of the ongoing Revenue Department saga.


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Missouri House Chief Ends Subpoenas for Gov’s Staff

House Speaker Tim Jones dropped efforts to enforce the subpoenas last week and now wants a Cole County judge to dismiss a legal challenge.


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Metrolink Surveillance Footage Helps Police Catch Thief

Police use a Metrolink surveillance camera to catch a 17-year-old charged with robbery.



Mo. License and Registration Fees Could Increase

Current law allows offices to charge $2.50 for licenses that expire in three years and $5 for a 10-year license. But a measure passed by lawmakers this month would double those charges.


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Gov. Nixon, Dept. of Revenue Face Subpoena Over License Policy

An attorney is trying to make Gov. Nixon appear for depositions for a lawsuit involving the state’s new driver’s license procedures.



Missouri to Begin Issuing New Driver’s Licenses

The Department of Revenue says new licenses will have security features such as special printing, laser perforations and bar codes.


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Teens Waiting Longer to get Driver’s License

Girls more than boys say they don’t feel ready to get behind the wheel.


No Law Against Scanning ID

St. Louis, Mo. (KMOX)As you heard on KMOX News Monday, the practice of electronically scanning drivers license data is causing concern for some shoppers. Attorney Brad Young with Roberts Perryman says while there’s no law […]