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Illinois State Police to Use ‘Unmanned Aircraft Systems’

The Illinois State Police are in hopes that using the aircrafts can help to survey traffic, accidents and disseminate information faster to clear roads.


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Illinois State Police Launch Drone Program

But, agency isn’t calling them drones, because they won’t be used for surveillance.


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State Farm Plans to Use Drones to Examine Insurance Claims

Flying will be done by trained pilots, not the claims adjustors.


RATHEN, GERMANY - OCTOBER 24:  A boy wearing first person view (FPV) goggles flies a quadcopter drone he built himself on October 24, 2014  near Rathen, Germany. Inexpensive drones used for aerial photography are rapidly gaining in popularity.  (Photo by Sean Gallup/Getty Images)

Drones Flying Off the Shelves

Though it took a while for them to catch on, they now sell as soon as they are in stock.


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State Farm Wants Drone Use Approval

Illinois-based insurer would use emerging technology for natural disaster response


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Drone Oversight Group Formed to Push Rules, Regulations

But rules and regulations for the safe use of drones are lagging so far behind that a special oversight group has now been formed.



As Drone Use Increases, Concerns Over Regulation Surface

The use of drones is growing by leaps and bounds, moving from mere curiosity, to outdoor hobby, to business opportunity.


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As Drone Usage Increases, Regulations Lag Behind

One local expert says these remote controlled aircraft will become more common, even as regulations lag behind.


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Illinois Congressman Calls For Air Cover & Drones Over Iraq

Republican Rodney Davis says he thinks the only thing that will matter to insurgents is force.


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Drone Law in Missouri: What’s Legal?

Neither the city of St. Louis nor the state of Missouri have any restrictions against drone use.



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