Ellen Krohne


Charlie Brennan – Friday, September 5 – Sleep Expert Dr. Judith Owens; USAF Major General Jack Griffith and Ellen Krohne on Scott Air Force Base

Charlie talks with Sleep Expert Dr. Judith Owens about teens and school start time; and with USAF Major General Jack Griffith and Ellen Krohne about the future of Scott Air Force Base.



Charlie Brennan – Tuesday, June 18th – Emmy Award-Winning ABC News Anchor Dan Harris

Charlie talks with Emmy Award-Winning ABC News Anchor Dan Harris about his new book, “10% Happier”; with Gerry Schuetzenhofer and Ellen Krohne of the Leadership Council of Southern Illinois; and with Joe Fischer and Zoe Scharf of Greetbl.


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Scott Air Force Base Makes Effort To Stay Open

One of the region’s major employers make efforts to stay open by providing sources of community support.


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Furloughs Begin at Scott Air Force Base

Many employees will take one Friday off a week for 11 weeks, others will spread it out farther than that. The Southern Illinois Leadership Council says that kind of paycheck uncertainty hurts the local economy.


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