First Baptist Church

Pastor Fred Winters, First Baptist Church of Maryville, Ill

Five Years Later: The Illinois Pastor Shooting Case

Five years ago tomorrow, a man walked into the First Baptist Church of Maryville and fatally shot pastor Fred Winters, mid-sermon.


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24 Church Members Involved in Bus Crash Returning Home

Twenty-four members of First Baptist Church on Muegge Road were heading to a church camp when their van ran off a highway.


Man Pinned Under Asphalt Truck in Maryville

It happened at about 1:30 p.m. across from First Baptist Church, where a roundabout is being built.


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Maryville’s First Baptist Church Three Years Later

Terry Sedlacek drove his Jeep to the church, bringing with him a .45-caliber handgun and enough bullets to kill 30 people.


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Pastor Busted for Child Porn

Pastor Michael Alan Crippen pleaded guilty Wednesday to possessing child pornography.


UPDATE: Teen burglary suspect shot after police set trap

Charges Expected Following Attack at St. Peters Church

Just before noon a 26-year-old man came into the church screaming, threatened at least one person and hit others.


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