First Baptist Church

Photo/Madison County Illinois State's Attorney

Man Who Killed Baptist Minister Found Not Guilty

33 year old Terry Sedlacek shot and killed Pastor Fred Winters


Pastor Fred Winters, First Baptist Church of Maryville, Ill

Five Years Later: The Illinois Pastor Shooting Case

Five years ago tomorrow, a man walked into the First Baptist Church of Maryville and fatally shot pastor Fred Winters, mid-sermon.


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24 Church Members Involved in Bus Crash Returning Home

Twenty-four members of First Baptist Church on Muegge Road were heading to a church camp when their van ran off a highway.


Man Pinned Under Asphalt Truck in Maryville

It happened at about 1:30 p.m. across from First Baptist Church, where a roundabout is being built.


Photo: KMOX

Maryville’s First Baptist Church Three Years Later

Terry Sedlacek drove his Jeep to the church, bringing with him a .45-caliber handgun and enough bullets to kill 30 people.


Photo: KMOX files

Pastor Busted for Child Porn

Pastor Michael Alan Crippen pleaded guilty Wednesday to possessing child pornography.



Charges Expected Following Attack at St. Peters Church

Just before noon a 26-year-old man came into the church screaming, threatened at least one person and hit others.


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