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Local Credit Group Expects Fiscal Cliff To Worsen Finances

Clearpoint Credit Counseling Solutions says the finances may worsen for many because of the pending tax increases.


Paul Ryan

Opinion: Over The Cliff

At midnight, not only did the ball drop in Times Square, ushering in a New Year, but Congress dropped the ball on delivering the country meaningful deficit reduction.



U.S. Economy Adds 155K Jobs in December, Unemployment Stays At 7.8 Percent

The Labor Department says the unemployment rate stayed at 7.8 percent last month. November’s rate was revised higher from an initially reported 7.7 percent.



Charlie Brennan – Wednesday, January 2nd

Charlie talks with STL Cardinals Broadcaster Mike Shannon; and with Plancorp’s Larry LeGrand about how Congressional action to avoid the fiscal cliff will affect your pocketbook.


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TIAM: The Aftermath Of Avoiding The Fiscal Cliff

We avoided the cliff.


Fiscal Cliff

Clay, Shimkus Divided on ‘Fiscal Cliff’ Deal

Predictably, the deal approved by Congress wasn’t completely satisfying to many lawmakers, even those who voted in favor of it.


House Passes Budget Deal Past Fiscal Cliff Deadline

Overnight America: January 2nd, 2013 – Niall Stanage

Political Reporter Niall Stanage from joined Jon on this morning’s broadcast to talk about the Fiscal Cliff Resolution that lawmakers came up with yesterday.


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Obama Lauds House On “Fiscal Cliff” Vote

Says deficit is still to high; won’t negotiate raising debt ceiling.


Fiscal Cliff

Dems Want House Vote on Senate-Passed ‘Cliff’ Deal

House Democratic leader, Rep. Nancy Pelosi, says she expects, and wants, a straight up or down vote, on the Senate-passed bill avoiding the tax portion of the fiscal cliff.


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Bill to Avert Fiscal Cliff Heads to House

The measure cleared the Senate early Tuesday, hours after Vice President Joe Biden and Senate Republican Leader Mitch McConnell sealed a deal.



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