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McCaskill, Blunt Weigh In On Fiscal Cliff Bill

McCaskill admitted the deal “isn’t perfect” but said “it achieves what’s most important here by protecting middle class families.”


Grover Norquist

Opinion: Enjoy The Last Day Of The Fiscal Cliff

If Congress manages to pass a feeble, last minute, deal on taxes it will be a deal that is long overdue. All of this could have been avoided.


Illinois State Capitol (Henryk Sadura/Getty Images)

Illinois Comptroller: Fiscal Cliff Will Cost State

Topinka estimated Social Security and income tax increases would lower Illinois tax revenues by up to $500 million.


Illinois Gov. Pat Quinn  (Scott Olson/Getty Images)

Illinois Governor Quinn Isn’t Sweating the Fiscal Cliff

In the absence of congressional action, come Jan. 1, income taxes will go up, and extended unemployment benefits will end.


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St. Louis Housing Prices Down, Possibly Due to Fiscal Cliff

Residential real estate experts say home prices are slightly lower than they were a year ago, but are hopeful for what 2013 might bring.


Republican Congressman John Shimkus of Illinois (Credit: KMOX)

Shimkus Is Frustrated, Pessimistic About Fiscal Cliff

Ultimately, Shimkus says he is is not optimistic Congress will avert the fiscal cliff and places much of the blame for that on the Senate.


John Boehner

Opinion: GOP Too Extreme

More than a month after the election, things continue to get worse for the GOP brand. The lead Republican spokesperson during the fiscal cliff negotiations, House Speaker John Boehner, has a 34 percent approval rating. President Obama has a 54 percent approval rating.


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TIAM: Each Day We Are Closer To The Cliff

Where will we be on January 1st?


Downtown From The Air

TIAM: The Fiscal Cliff (Again)

CNN’s Candy Crowley


Economy Crisis

‘Fiscal Cliff’ Could Affect Missouri Economy, Budget

Missouri could lose about $125 million in federal funding for various programs and the state’s military-related economy could take a $1 billion hit.




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