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State Farm Plans to Use Drones to Examine Insurance Claims

Flying will be done by trained pilots, not the claims adjustors.


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Missouri Audit: $376K Spent Flying Commissioners to Meetings

Missouri spent $376,000 to fly commissioners to meetings across the state when hundreds of thousands of dollars could have been saved if they drove instead, according to a state audit released Monday.



Travel Headaches for Some Into Christmas Day

Travelers setting out for the holidays could face trouble, with anticipated Christmas Eve snow around the Great Lakes states and heavy rain expected along the East Coast.


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Flu Increase Forces DePaul To Open Special Unit

“We’re running close to 200 patients a day for the past four or five days,” DePaul Health Center clinical director Jon Caron said.


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Flu Rates Continue To Climb In St. Charles County

“Both strains have high fevers, muscle aches, sometimes a little respiratory cough or sore through with them,” Dr. Donald Kennedy said.


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