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Foreclosures Jump Across St. Louis Area, Nation

The 37 percent increase is blamed on banks repossessing homes that were in the foreclosure process.


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Foreclosure Filings Drop in St. Louis Area, But Ferguson Remains Underwater

New numbers released this morning show foreclosure filings in the St. Louis area are way down, but there are troubling signs in Ferguson.


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North County Woman Refuses to Pay Mortgage or Leave Home

She says she’s not going to pay her mortgage until JP Morgan Chase gives her some answers about their mortgage lending practices.


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Report: St. Louis Housing Market Behind the Rest of the Country

The latest figures from RealtyTrac show a 9 percent drop in underwater homeowners nationally in the last year, but only a two percent drop in St. Louis.


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Foreclosure Activity On The Rise

Foreclosures continue to rise nationwide and St. Louis is no different.


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Bank Repossessions Increased in St. Louis Last Month

Bank repossessions of homes in St. Louis shot up 30 percent last month, while nationwide they fell one percent.



Anti-Foreclosure Activists Marched in Front of Bank of America

About 50 activists from Missourians Organizing for Reform and Empowerment (MORE) came to show their support for the Royston’s, a South St. Louis family who has been fighting to keep their home.


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Law Makes St. Louis Foreclosure Ordinance Moot

A Missouri appeals court says a legal dispute over St. Louis County’s foreclosure mediation ordinance is moot after a recently enacted state law.



St. Louis Is Top Five For ‘Fixer-Upper’ Bargains

Realty Trac’s Daren Blomquist calls the ranking a double-edged sword. “It’s a challenge and an opportunity with the vacant homes.”


Illinois High Court Ruling Aids Homeowners Facing Foreclosure

The ruling requires lenders to detail their efforts in helping homeowners.



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