Free Speech


St. Louis City Defends Its Right To Screen Street Performers

“My guy that’s doing these interviews is a band guy, and he’s passionate about helping these people displays themselves,” says Waelterman.


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St. Louis Officer Says SLPD Violated His Free Speech Rights

A St. Louis police sergeant has filed legal action against the department, claiming its refusal to allow him to work a secondary job as a lobbyist for a pro-marijuana group violates his right to free speech.


First Amendment

Some Missouri Lawmakers Reminded of the First Amendment

The bill says that state laws must protect the free speech of organizations that counsel women to carry their babies to term.


Exotic Dancer, Getty, Gunay Mutlu

Exotic Dancers Challenge Missouri’s Strip Club Law In High Court

Lawyers, representing the dancers argue the new law violates the constitutional right of free speech and expression.


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New Restrictions on Funeral Protest Coming to Illinois

Television news is a big reason Westboro Baptist Church of Topeka has gained the notoriety it has.


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KERBER: Athletes, What Are You Thinking? Better Yet, Start Thinking!

One of the all-time greatest quotes and maybe philosophy in life is’ “Better to keep your mouth shut and thought the fool than open it and erase all doubt.”