Lower Gas Prices Saving Consumers Money at the Grocery StoreLower transportation costs from farm field to grocery store shelf means we're paying less for food.
E-15 Fuel Available This SummerMissouri drivers could be able to buy a higher blend of ethanol gasoline by this summer.
Metro East Landfill Will Turn Trash Into FuelBetween Cahokia Mounds and the Gateway International Speedway stands a giant landfill. It's about to become a giant fuel source.
Gas Prices Tumble Nearly A Quarter Per Gallon In Past WeekPrices at some local stations flirt with sub-$3 territory.
Analyst: 2012 Poised To Set Record For Highest Gas PricesSays "jitters" in the Mideast are overcoming usual fall price drop.
Isaac's Impact On Local Gas PricesPrices rose more than a dime-per-gallon Tuesday as the hurricane slammed the Gulf of Mexico.
AAA: Look For Fuel Prices To Keep DroppingCrude oil, which accounts for 2/3 of fuel price, now below $80/gallon.
Gas Prices Dropping As Fast As Temperatures Are RisingDramatic 14-cent per gallon decline over last seven days.
Lower Gas Prices Greet Summer Drivers In St. LouisExpert: St. Louis prices dropping three times faster than national average.
Big Oil: Now's Time To Press Advantage On Fuel PricesAPI: Keystone XL would pump 800,000 barrels of oil a day into US.
Big Overnight Spike Pushes Gas Prices Near Record TerritoryKnocking on the door of $4 per gallon average.
Using Regular Instead Of Premium Could Cost YouNot worth the chance of ruining your engine, according to expert.
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