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TopOPPS founder Jim Eberlin talks with participants in the GlobalHack hackathon on February 2, 2014. (Michael Calhoun, KMOX)

GlobalHack Gives Away First $50,000 Prize

A team of Washington University students won the $50,000 prize for solving a problem posed by the title sponsor.


St. Louis Union Station

GlobalHack Competition Grabs Sponsor for First Hack-a-Thon

An annual convention will award $1 million in non-dilutive capital to winning group in exchange for their opening an office in St. Louis.


"Code Until Dawn" takes place at the Washington Ave. headquarters of LockerDome on June 28, 2013. (KMOX/Michael Calhoun)

LockerDome Founder Announces Million Dollar Innovation Competition

LockerDome’s Gabe Lozano is putting up big bucks to lure programmers and innovators to St. Louis with an annual technology conference and hackathon.


Studio B Mic.

Total Information PM: LockerDome Founder Gabe Lozano

A local start up company is all the rage these days. It’s called LockerDome, and it’s been described as “Facebook on steroids.”