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Florissant Mayor Pushes Nixon to Call Special Session to Fund Highway Repairs

The mayor of Florissant is challenging Gov. Jay Nixon to worry less about a new stadium and more about new roads.


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Overabundance of Crude Oil Leads to Low Gas Prices

The local average has dipped well below $3 a gallon, and prices haven’t been this low in about four years.


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E-15 Fuel: Is it Safe?

Missouri is about to become the latest state to make the higher-ethanol blend available.



Gas Prices Spike in St. Louis After Weeks of Decline

When it comes to sudden increases at the gas pump, it seems there are no small measures.



Missouri Lawmakers Block Rule Allowing E15 Gasoline

Missouri lawmakers blocked a proposal Wednesday that could have allowed greater amounts of ethanol to be blended into the gasoline sold for most vehicles.


A worker refuels a car at a petrol stati

Proposed Mo. Rule Allowing E15 Gas Faces Challenge

A legislative committee scheduled a hearing Monday on whether the proposed rule change by the state Department of Agriculture exceeds what is allowed under state law.


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10-Year-Old Boy Dies After Being Engulfed In Flames Lighting Backyard Fire

Authorities say a 10-year-old Iowa boy died after he was badly burned while using gasoline to make a backyard fire with his older brother.


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Isaac’s Impact On Local Gas Prices

Prices rose more than a dime-per-gallon Tuesday as the hurricane slammed the Gulf of Mexico.


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AAA: Look For Fuel Prices To Keep Dropping

Crude oil, which accounts for 2/3 of fuel price, now below $80/gallon.


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Why is Gas so High?????

Many stand accused, including oil companies, the president, Congress, speculators on Wall Street and worries that the earth is running out of oil.



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