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Mark Reardon: The Roundtable, Gina Loudon on “Wife Swap”

The Reardon Roundtable features a debate on gay marriage and gun control with Aisha Sultan, Bryan Edwards, and Bill Corrigan. Plus, Jane Dueker and Gina Loudon join Mark to discuss Dr. Loudon’s appearance on the reality show “Wife Swap.”



Mark Reardon: Conservative Activist Gina Loudon

Conservative activist Gina Loudon has agreed to do “Wife Swap” on ABC.



Tea Party Activist Gina Loudon Meets a Polyfamily on ABC’s Wife Swap

Two former Missouri political bigwigs, John Loudon and his wife Gina Loudon, showcase their views of family and marriage on ABC’s “Wife Swap”


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Mark Reardon: U.S. Senator Jim DeMint, Author Gina Loudon, & The Presidential Campaign

U.S. Senator Jim DeMint of South Carolina discusses Richard Mourdock’s controversial comments and Todd Akin’s senate bid. Carl Cannon talks about the presidential campaign.


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