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Aaron Schock 1

Illinois Rep. Opposes Raising the Debt Ceiling

“Our crisis is out-of-control spending,” he says.



Charlie Brennan – Monday, April 11th

Charlie talks with CBS News Political Consultant Dotty Lynch about the budget battle in Washington D.c.


Capitol Building

Charlie Brennan – Tuesday, March 1st

Charlie talks about a possible gov’t shutdown on Friday, and Michael Weisskopf talks about the 1995 gov’t shutdown and budget battle. We also hear from Go! St. Louis President Nancy Lieberman and Charlie takes listener calls on the wage disparity between men and women.



Charlie Brennan – Wednesday, February 16

Charlie talks with U.S. Cong. Todd Akin of Missouri, St. Louis Cards Broadcaster Mike Shannon and Aftab Borka, CBS News reporter in Karachi, Pakistan.