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Governor Jay Nixon


Charlie Brennan – Wednesday, June 25th – Phil Brooks on Gov. Jay Nixon’s Veto; Bevis Schock and Hugh Eastwood on Red Light Camera Ticket Cases Going to Mo. Supreme Court; Timothy C. Richards

Charlie and Debbie talk with KMOX’s Jeff City Correspondent Phil Brooks; with STL Attys Bevis Schock and Hugh Eastwood; and with Lori Thaman of Fair Saint Louis. Charlie talks with Former STL Detective Timothy C. Richards; with STL Cards Broadcaster Mike Shannon; and Stages St. Louis’ Jack Lane.


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Medicaid Expansion Receives State, Local Support

State and local leaders call for an expansion of Medicaid in Missouri.



Gov. Nixon Responds to Possible Legalization of Marijuana in Mo.

Marijuana is becoming a major issue in Missouri and KMOX asked Governor Jay Nixon what he thinks about it.


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Governor Nixon Addresses St. Louis Area School Leaders

The governor talked about his agenda for public education-saying he wants to avoid fiscally irresponsible experiments that would take money out of public schools.


Photo: KMOX

Nixon Won’t Stop Execution

Missouri Gov. Jay Nixon issued a statement today saying he has refused to halt the execution of white supremacist serial killer Joseph Paul Franklin, calling his crime in Missouri a cowardly and calculated shooting.



Nixon Hears From Voters On Gun Legislation

Republican led legislature passed bills bolstering gun rights.


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Many Issues Left For Mo. Legislature In Final Week

Tax credits and liability lawsuits will be the main issues of the week.


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Push to Change Missouri’s Tax Credit Programs

Missouri set an all-time high during the 2012 fiscal year by waiving $629 million of revenues through tax credits.


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Missouri Retroactive Tax Looming

“It is unfair and punitive to retroactively tax at least 122,702 Missourians, particularly without a vote of the people.”


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Missouri Taps Reserve Fund

$100 million was borrowed from the Budget Reserve Fund