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Gov. Jay Nixon talks with reporters. (Photo by UPI/Bill Greenblatt)

Nixon Says He Won’t Appear in Stoddard County on Subpoena in Gun Trial

A weeks-long controversy involving the state illegally sharing the personal information of Missouri gun owners took a dramatic turn Thursday.


Photo: UPI/Bill Greenblatt

Gov. Nixon to Testify in ‘Gun List’ Case

It was in Stoddard County that a lawsuit was filed against the Missouri Department of Revenue and the plaintiff’s attorney says Gov. Nixon shares responsibility.


(Press photo of Missouri Governor Jay Nixon)

Gov. Nixon, Dept. of Revenue Face Subpoena Over License Policy

An attorney is trying to make Gov. Nixon appear for depositions for a lawsuit involving the state’s new driver’s license procedures.



ATF Says It Never Sought Missouri Concealed Guns List

A spokesman for the Bureau of Alcohol, Tobacco, Firearms and Explosives told The AP that the agency was not involved.


File photo of a person holding a gun. (Photo credit: George Frey/Getty)

Email Cites Plan To Share Missouri Gun Info with ATF

GOP lawmakers are raising new concerns about the way Missouri has handled a list of concealed gun permit holders after learning about a plan.


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Area Gun Owners React To ‘Gun List’ Controversy

“If they’re going to go after everybody’s guns, they take these people out. They can take them out one at a time.”


KMOX file photo.

Highway Patrol Handed Concealed Carry Information To Feds

The revelation validates the concerns of many Republican state legislators who have warned of the “gun list” for a month.


Missouri State Auditor Tom Schweich (Credit: KMOX)

State Auditor to Investigate Allegation of “Gun List”

He’ll audit the Department of Revenue to find out if personal information from driver’s licences and concealed gun applications is being shared with the federal government.


Photo: Getty Images

Mo. Lawmakers Heated Over Revenue Dept’s Changing Story

Missouri lawmakers say the Dept. of Revenue lied about gun list and is collecting certain personal information from everyone.


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