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Police: Student Brings Loaded Handgun to School

Police say a 16-year-old male student brought the loaded nine-millimeter gun into school around 10:40 this morning.


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Passage of Amendment 5 Has St. Louis Police Chief Worried

It failed in the city, but passed overhwelmingly in rural Missouri. Now, St. Louis police chief says the passage of the amendment enhancing the right to bear arms has him concerned.


A participant takes part in an FBI active shooter drill in St. Louis. Photo: KMOX/Allison Blood

Inside the FBI’s Active Shooter Training

Ever wondered what it would be like to be a first responder during an active shooter situation?


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Fatal Jefferson County Shooting Deemed an Accident

Investigators believe 43-year-old David Utz’s wife accidentally pulled the trigger.


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Gun Nullification Bill

Missouri senators seek to nullify U.S. gun restrictions and send federal agents to jail for enforcing such laws.


Brian Nieves

Mo. State Sen. Offering AR-15 As Fundraiser Attendance Prize

Sen. Brian Nieves, R-Washington, was the Senate sponsor of HB 436, a bill attempting to exempt Missouri from federal gun legislation.


New Illinois Guns Bill Excludes Parks, Transit

A federal appeals court ruled in December Illinois must allow citizens to carry concealed weapons.


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North Technical High Employee Brings Gun to School

The Special School District said Law enforcement officials were immediately notified and an investigation is being conducted.


CKMS School Front (1)

Middle School Student Brings Gun To School For ‘Protection’

Florissant Police Officer Andy Haarmann says the student from Cross Keys Middle School carried the .38 caliber pistol around for several hours before he approached a teacher.


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Gun Brought to Elementary School in St. Louis

Students at Jefferson Elementary School say a sixth grader had been terrorizing several students over a three day period.





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