Saint Louis Zoo Defends Its Ban On GunsDeschamp argued that the zoo is a daycare institution, an educational institution and an amusement park.
High-Speed Heist at Creve Coeur SchnucksA pair of fast-moving armed robbers hits the Schnucks store in Creve Coeur before sunup this morning.
Iowa Bill Allows Military Members To Buy Handguns Without PermitAn Iowa legislative panel unanimously approved a measure Monday that would let active duty members of the military buy handguns without going through the usual permit process.
Slay Seeks Tougher Regulations To Combat Surge In Gun Violence"We need to send a message" to criminals, St. Louis mayor says.
UPDATE: Call for Statewide Gun Registration in Illinois Gov. Pat Quinn isn’t saying if he will support legislation that would require statewide registration of handguns.
Neighbor's Tip Leads to Huge Pot BustOver 60 pounds, nearly $40,000 recovered
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