heart attack

Well-Being Index Releases National Heart Attack StatisticsThe states with the highest heart attack incidence are West Virginia, South Dakota and Kentucky.
Local Cardiologist Warns Blues Fans of Heart RiskA local cardiologist warns fans about getting too emotional over the playoffs.
KMOX's John O'Connor Suffers Fatal Heart AttackVeteran broadcaster worked at KMOX for 10 years
STUDY: Younger Women Hospitalized Longer, Have Worse Outcomes After Heart AttacksThirty thousand women in the U.S. are hospitalized each year due to heart attacks, with women between ages 30 and 54 being hospitalized longer and with worse outcomes than men of the same age.
Coroner: Man Killed in Car Accident Suffered Heart AttackThe car driven by 61-year-old Joseph Michael Welch Jr. of Godfrey crashed into a tree just after 3 p.m.
Local Cardiologist Gives New Advice for Aspirin Users Taking one aspirin per day to prevent heart attacks may not be necessary for those who are lower at risk.
Daylight Saving Time Sees Increase in Traffic Accidents, Heart AttacksA local neuroscientist says we need to be very careful over the next few days—once we adjust our clocks one hour forward Saturday night.
Researchers: Depression Adds to Heart Attack RiskLocal researchers say they have found another big risk factor for cardiac disease and they want the American Heart Association to add it to the list.
A Broken Heart Can Be DeadlySuffering from a broken heart is no joke.
You're More Likely to Die from a Heart Attack After Hours, Study SaysResearchers found that patients who showed up at the hospital during off hours were 5 percent more likely to die within 30 days of the heart attack.
Report Reveals Drastic Differences in Area Hospital CareHealthgrades' Evan Marks says they looked at the mortality rates of area hospitals when it comes to certain procedures and conditions and found some big differences.
Much Has Changed in Heart Disease Treatment During Cheney's BattleTwo decades ago, 30 percent of heart attack patients died. Today, that figure is around four percent.
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