Heartland Virus

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CDC Warns Missourians of Lone Star Tick, Heartland Virus

Health experts are again warning the public about a relatively new tick-borne disease that has now claimed two lives—one in Oklahoma, the other in Tennessee.


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Oklahoma: Man Dies After Acquiring Heartland Virus

An Oklahoma man has died after acquiring the Heartland virus, making him the second person in the U.S. to die after coming down with the illness, state health officials said Tuesday.


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5 New Cases of Heartland Virus

People are getting sick from tick bites from the Lone Star tick, a small brown tick identified by a white mark in the middle of its back.


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CDC: Heartland Virus Carried By Ticks

The Centers for Disease Control has confirmed that the Heartland Virus is borne by ticks.


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New Virus Found in Missouri Farmers

The CDC is calling it the Heartland Virus and it hit two farmers just north of St. Joseph in 2009.


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