Sports Verdict: Who’s The NBA’s Biggest Villain? LeBron James Vs. David Stern

As the feats, and really the legend of LeBron James grows ever larger, he has begun to transcend the game itself, much to the dismay of many fans. Consequently, is he, or Commissioner David Stern, the greatest villain currently in the NBA?


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VIDEO: LeBron Saves Heat at Buzzer of Game 1

LeBron James caught the inbounds pass, changed direction and immediately attacked the rim.


Getty/Kevork Djansezian

2012 Was Record Warm Year in St. Louis

The National Weather Service said Tuesday that 2012 was the warmest year on record in St. Louis and Columbia, and was among the warmest in other Missouri communities.


Severe Drought Threatens Midwest Corn Crops

2012 Was 10th Driest Year in Illinois History

State climatologist Jim Angel says the timing of the drought, and the heat, were brutal on the crops.



2012 Sizzles Its Way Into The Record Books

Mercury hit 105 nearly a dozen times in St. Louis this summer.


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Dead fish

Fish Kill Reported in St. Joseph Lake

State officials say heat and drought caused the death of about 20,000 fish.


KMOX/Kevin Killeen

July Heat Broke 1930s Dust Bowl Record

And even less a surprise: The U.S. keeps setting records for weather extremes include drought, heavy rainfall, unusual temperatures, and storms.



Summer 2012: Not An Anomaly But The New Normal

Number of heat waves per summer have doubled since the 1940’s.


UPI/Bill Greenblatt

Heat Doesn’t Deter Cardinals’ Fans

Despite heat fans are still filling the ballpark




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