Jeffrey Stone, Two Others Booked In Kidnapping Case

Face kidnapping, child endangerment charges.


Jeffrey Stone, Rhonda Matthews, Heather Minton

Three Charged In Boy’s Kidnapping On Their Way Back To St. Louis

Jeffrey Stone and co-defendants waiving extradition.


Four generations of "Good Luck Girls" from a local family. Everyone in this photo was born during a year in which the St. Louis Cardinals went on to win a World Series (well, we hope in the case of newborn Alyssa Kurth). Alyssa's the one in pink. She's being held by her mother Heather and pictured with her grandmother Karen and great-grandmother Eileen. (Photo provided by Kurth Family)

Three-month-old Girl Latest Good Luck Charm For 2011 Cardinals

Alyssa Kurth’s mother, grandmother and great-grandmother all born in years in which Cards won World Series.


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