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Illinois Bill Designed to Protect Teen Football Players Fumbles in Committee

State lawmakers are worry about them getting hurt on the gridiron, but not everyone is for a government-as-nanny-state.


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Columbia High Schools To Start Later

Columbia’s public high schools will begin an hour later when school starts in the fall.


File photo of students in the hall of their high school.  (credit: PIERRE ANDRIEU/AFP/Getty Images)

Study: Popular Students In High School Make More Money In Workplace

A new study based on numbers used from the Wisconsin Longitudinal Study shows that popular kids who graduated from Wisconsin high schools in 14957 went on to have successful careers.



Thieves Make Off With Bronze Plaques From Maplewood Richmond Heights HS

It’s believed that scrap metal thieves targeted plaques for quick cash.


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Back To School Prep: For Elementary, Middle & High School Students

The first day of school feels to children the way the first day on a job feels to parents, a bit stressful. The two best ways to prepare your children for a less stressful first day is to change as many unknown factors to known and provide positive support.



Open Letter To High School Graduates

Here’s the “Open Letter to High School Graduates” I talked about on Monday. A must read for parents and students alike.


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Former Belleville West Teacher Jailed For Sex With Student

Ryan Endsley jailed on $250,000 bond as police seek other potential victims.


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New Regulations for Teen Drivers

Illinois Secretary of State Jesse White says there is concern that those getting behind the wheel for the first time at age 18 could be a hazard on the road.



High Winds Topple Barn in Belleville

A barn that used to stand next to Belleville West High School doesn’t anymore, unless you count the one wall with raggedy edges that’s left standing.



Missouri Graduation Rate Dips As Formula Changes

The state had a 79.8 percent graduation rate in 2011, down 6.6 percentage points from the graduation rate the old formula produced for the same year.