Hoang Nguyen

Dwight Kay

Illinois Rep. Introduces ‘Knockout Game’ Legislation

The legislation would stiffen the penalty for those convicted of battery while taking part in the “game,” making it punishable by 3-7 years in prison.


Elex Levell Murphy

Elex Murphy Gets Life Plus 25 Years for Knockout Game Murder

Last month the panel found that the now 20-year-old Murphy was with three others when he walked up and punched Hoang Nguyen and his wife.


Elex Levell Murphy

Man Convicted in ‘Knockout Game’ Attack That Killed 72 Year-old

Elex Murphy was convicted of second-degree murder, first-degree assault and armed criminal action in the April 2011 death of Hoang Nguyen.



Trial Begins in Fatal ‘Knockout Game’ Attack

20-year-old Elex Levell Murphy is charged with first-degree murder in the April 2011 killing of 72-year-old Hoang Nguyen.



Trial Set in Fatal ‘Knockout Game’ Attack

Elex Murphy is accused of killing a 72-year-old immigrant from Vietnam, a victim who was apparently chosen at random.


Elex Levell Murphy

UPDATE: Police Reveal Sick Game in Beating Death of Immigrant

Random killing was part of a game.


police tape

Police Call Beating Death of Elderly Immigrant a Random Act of Violence

Police are looking for two men and two women in their 20’s.


South Side Man Slain In Street Attack

72-year-old Hoang Nguyen was walking with a 59-year-old when they were attacked and beaten. Nguyen died of his injuries.


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