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Housing Market Rebound Continues

Traditional homebuyers returning to the market, prices rebounding.


Members of St. Louis Fire Department Rescue Squad 1 walk door to door to check on the welfare of residents after an area near the River Des Peres flooded following hours of a steady rain in St. Louis on June 19, 2015. About 20 homes suffered flooded yards and basements and as a precaution utilities were pulled from the homes.  Photo by Bill Greenblatt/UPI

PHOTOS: Homes Flooded Near River Des Peres

About two dozen homes are flooded near river Des Peres on Friday.


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UPDATED: Tyrone Shooter Believed to be Cousin of Some Victims

A 36-year-old resident of Tyrone in Texas County apparently took seven lives before shooting himself to death late Thursday night.


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Million Dollar Homes Sell at Double their Average

The National Association of Realtors data shows that sales of homes of $250,000 or less dropped 12 percent in the same period.



Too Fat To Cremate?

The morbidly obese often don’t fit into crematory incinerators.


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Some Foreclosed Homes Going for Dirt-Cheap Prices

Public records found that some homes in the region are going for small fractions of the price they brought at market-rate sales just a few years ago.



Huge Flames Engulf East St. Louis Homes

No injuries reported, homes may have been vacant.



Pair of Vacant Homes Erupt in Flames in North City Early Monday

Police, fire officials looking for possible connection.


Lake of the Ozarks

Some Homes Deemed “Too Close” to Lake of the Ozarks Will Be Allowed to Remain

Feds had threatened to move homes that were “too close to the lake”.


Joplin Rebuild, Getty Images

Habitat For Humanity To Build 10 Homes In Joplin

Habitat for Humanity wants to build the homes in just two weeks.



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