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Missouri House Endorses Sweeping Gun Proposals

It would expand who can buy and carry weapons, while also declaring federal gun control proposals unenforceable within the state’s borders.



Illinois House Approves Use of Medical Marijuana

Lawmakers voted 61-57 Wednesday to allow physicians to prescribe marijuana to patients with specific terminal illnesses.


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Missouri House Endorses Ban On Drones, Critics Say It Goes Too Far

As drone technology becomes more accessible to the public, several industries have found practical uses for the unmanned aircrafts.



Missouri House Supports Naming Bridge After Clay

The Missouri House bill would put Clay’s name on the Missouri portion of the Poplar Street Bridge.


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Madigan: Gay Marriage 12 Votes Short in House

A proposal to make Illinois the 10th state to allow gay marriage will face a “very difficult” reception in the Illinois House.


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Concealed-Carry Bill Slowly Moving Through Illinois House

An unusual day, fascinating to some and frustrating to others, brought debate of a concealed-carry bill on the floor of the Illinois House.


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Missouri House Endorses Photo ID Requirement for Voting

The idea has been debated for several years in Missouri, generally splitting along partisan lines.


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Illinois House Committee OKs Pension Commission

Illinois Gov. Pat Quinn is dumping attempts at compromise on public-pension reform and is proposing a commission recommend fixes to $96 billion that would become law unless the Legislature rejects it.


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Illinois House OKs Illegal Immigrant Driver’s Licenses Bill

House lawmakers approved the bill 65 to 46. The measure now heads to Gov. Pat Quinn’s desk, who has said he’ll sign it.


Fiscal Cliff

Dems Want House Vote on Senate-Passed ‘Cliff’ Deal

House Democratic leader, Rep. Nancy Pelosi, says she expects, and wants, a straight up or down vote, on the Senate-passed bill avoiding the tax portion of the fiscal cliff.





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