Illinois Department of Commerce and Economic Opportunity

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Quinn’s Signature Frees Up Funds for Port of East St. Louis

Estimates put the number of job created by the project at about 1,200. East St. Louis Mayor Alvin Parks says the plan will have far-reaching consequences.


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Illinois Official: Brazil Trip Was A Success

The top trade official in Illinois says the state stands to benefit from last week’s trip to Brazil.


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Clean Your Plate or Compost It

Illinois seeks to cut down on food waste ending up in landfills.



Who’s Tracking Tax Breaks?

The Pew Center on the States found that no state regularly takes a hard look at the effectiveness of all of its tax breaks.


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Ill. Tax Incentive Program Set to Expire

Lawmakers want to keep along-term Illinois tax incentive program going.


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Illinois; Losing or Gaining Companies

Chicago-based Aon Corp. recently announced it’s moving its headquarters.


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