Illinois House

Illinois State Rep. Derrick Smith

Expelled Illinois Lawmaker Re-Elected

State Rep.-elect Derrick Smith says he intends to work “hand in hand” with the lawmakers who voted him out of the House in August.


Illinois State Capitol 2, Getty Images, photo by Henryk Sadura

Illinois Lawmakers Consider Cutting Their Own Pensions

Proposals involving others, such as state employees and teachers, do not have enough votes to pass.


Springfield, IL

Illinois Lawmakers Try to Deal with Employee Pensions

The president of the Illinois Senate is out with his proposal to reform state employees’ pensions.



Early Voting In Illinois Begins

Voters do not need a reason to vote early in the primaries. The primary election in Illinois is March 20.


Talking on Phone driving

Cell Phone Ban Gaining Ground in Illinois

Illinois already has a texting-while-driving ban and a total ban on phone use for drivers under age 19.


File photo of a same-sex couple. (credit: AFP/Getty/Stan Honda)

Illinois Debates Same-Sex Marriage

A year after same-sex couples could get a civil union in Illinois, there’s a bill to make Illinois one of the states sanctioning same-sex marriage.


Ill. House Reconsiders Closing Pension Loopholes

The lawmakers argued Sunday that reversing benefits after they’ve been earned, even by questionable means, is probably unconstitutional.


Jay Hoffman

Jay Hoffman Returns to the Political Battlefield

Jay Hoffman said Sunday he’ll run for the Democratic nomination in the 13th Congressional District



$18 Billion in Construction Spending Approved

Spending approval avoids June 30th shutdown.


trans fat

Acid, Trans Fats The Latest Casualties In Illinois’ ‘War on Obesity’

The Illinois House has passed a bill restricting the use of artificial trans fats in food served in restaurants or sold in vending machines.




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