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File photo of slot machine.  (photo credit: stock.xchng)

Illinois Lawmakers Approve More Casinos

Illinois lawmakers have approved a major expansion of legalized gambling for the second year in a row. But there’s little indication last year’s roadblock Gov. Pat Quinn is willing to let it through this time.



Ill. Lawmakers Still Handing Out Free Tuition Rides

A free tuition program where Illinois lawmakers award state university scholarships to friends and acquaintances is still alive.


Same sex celebration

Illinois Civil Union Medical Benefits Debated

The federal Defense of Marriage Act, which defines marriage as between one man and one woman, some federal benefits aren’t afforded.


Springfield, IL

Ill. University Presidents Plea for More $$$

State university officials have begun their annual trek to Springfield, testifying about what their financial needs.


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Illinois Lawmakers Want To ban Tanning Bed Use for Teens

“The purpose of being in a tanning bed is to cook yourself, to cook your skin and make it turn brown,” said Dermatologist Stephen Stone.



Illinois Debates Total Cell Phone Ban

Dave Druker of the secretary of state’s office says if there is a ban, compliance will start out low, and then grow.


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