Illinois pensions

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Lack of Pension Reform Affects All Illinoisans

As state pays more for pensions in 2013, there’s less money for schools, police, and Medicaid.


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Time Running Out On Ill. Pension Reform

Legislative leaders will revisit the subject of pension reforms in five weeks.


Illinois Lawmakers Trying to Close Pension Loopholes

Illinois House Minority Leader Tom Cross says the bill would stop state lawmakers from padding their pensions by taking better-paying jobs in government.


More State Layoffs in Illinois?

Governor Pat Quinn says it’s too soon to talk about that scenario and he’s is dealing with the budget one year at a time.


Springfield, IL

Dismal Budget Outlook for Illinois

“We are at a point in this state, in order to literally survive financially and get our heads above water.”


Illinois Capitol

Illinois’ Pension System in Trouble

Illinois has the worst underfunded pension system in the nation.


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