Illinois Primary

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Ballot Problems in Illinois

Ballots in more than sixty counties were too wide for the scanning machines.



Hancock & Kelley – Tuesday, March 20th

John and Michael talk about Shock Jock Howard Stern criticizing St. Louis; with CBS News Correspondent Steve Futterman about today’s Illinois primary; with Retired Army Maj. Mike Lyons about the Afghan massacre of civilians; with Kitty Radcliffe about the financial impact of NCAA men’s basketball in STL and about the Rams lease; and take a look at the Rev. Dennis Terry’s introduction of Rick Santorum at a rally event which has caused quite a stir.


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Santorum Will Watch Primary from Gettysburg

Santorum plans to watch Tuesday’s results Gettysburg, Pa., the venue for President Abraham Lincoln’s famous Civil War address.



Romney Surging in Illinois Polls

An increasingly confident Mitt Romney expects to tighten his grasp on the Republican presidential nomination.


Electoral official get ready for voters

Illinois Voters go to the Polls Tomorrow

A confident MItt Romney calls for unity, as he looks to the Illinois primary.



Prediction of a Big Romeny Win in Illinois

Illinois becomes ground zero for the Republican presidential candidates.


A vote on a local sales-tax increase will be determined by the single vote of a 23-year-old college student after a mistake by representatives.  (File. Getty Images.)

Early Voting In Illinois Begins

Voters do not need a reason to vote early in the primaries. The primary election in Illinois is March 20.


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