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Judge Tosses Bid For Hastened Ill. Concealed Carry

A federal judge has rejected a push by gun rights advocates to let Illinois residents immediately tote firearms in public.


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Federal Judge Wants Legal Arguments In Gun Dispute

Gun rights advocates are seeking to do away with the mandated six-month waiting period.


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Still Little Progress For Concealed Carry In Illinois

“Why is nothing settled till two minutes before midnight? Because we don’t have to.”


Update: Battle Lines Drawn on Illinois Concealed Carry

Gun control advocates urged Illinois Attorney General Lisa Madigan to quickly appeal the ruling.


Gun Rights Advocate Praises Concealed Guns Ruling

A federal court’s decision to strike down a state law that banned carrying concealed weapons and says Illinois could have a new concealed carry law by early next month.


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Gov. Quinn Proposes Assault Weapons Ban

Richard Pearson says if rules regarding gun ownership of guns were followed, there wouldn’t be such senseless shootings.


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Gun Owner Registry to Remain Private in Ill.

Peoria judge issues ruling


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