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Total Information PM: Election Chaos With Wall Street & Hancock & Kelley

KMOX’s John Hancock and Michael Kelley discuss tomorrow’ presidential election and the local races in Missouri.


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Total Information PM: Rooney on the Cards, Bernanke on the Economy

Mark talks baseball with Cards broadcaster John Rooney, examines Bernanke’s latest comments on the economy, and previews a big upcoming fundraiser.



Total Information PM: Mark On Movies, Pet-A-Palooza, Job Numbers, & The St. Louis Filmmakers Showcase

Mark talks movies with Paul Hall, with Brandi Reichert about Pet-A-Palooza, with Irwin Kellner about the new job numbers, and with Cliff Froehlich about the St. Louis Filmmakers Showcase.



Total Information PM: Rooney Report, Mark On Money, Preview of The Jobs Speech

Cardinals Broadcaster John Rooney joins Mark on this off day to recap the Brewers series and look ahead to the series against the Atlanta Braves. Mark on Money Can the President really do anything to […]



Total Information PM – Rooney Report, Solar Storm Hits Earth, Mark on Money,

Cardinals Broadcaster John Rooney previews tonight’s opener against the first place Milwaukee Brewers. A solar storm is expected to bombard the earth with potentially disruptive magnetic waves this week. We get the details from the […]



Total Information PM – Rooney Report, Museum Caretaker Applicants, Economic Outlook

Rooney Report Cardinals broadcaster John Rooney gives us a preview of tonight’s game against the Baltimore Orioles. Chicago Museum Looking for Caretakers Webster native Beth Boston tells us about The Museum of Science and Industry […]



Total Information PM – Thursday, May 19th

Rooney Report Cardinals Broadcaster John Rooney tells us about today’s win over the Houston Astros. Mark on Money Irwin Kellner, chief economist at, gives us the latest jobless claims numbers. Home Run for Heroes […]



Total Information PM – Monday, April 11th

Actor Gary Sinise tells us about an upcoming fundraising concert benefiting local soldier Cpl Todd Nicely that his “Lt. Dan Band” will be performing at, and we hear from editor at large of CBS Jill Schlesinger and’s chief economist Irwin Kellner.



Total Information PM – Thursday, March 10th

WTDY Reporter Dustin Weiss gives us an update on the Wisconsin budget battle going on in Madison now, and we hear from KMOX Sports Director Tom Ackerman, chief economist Irwin Kellner, and CBS News Correspondent Bob Fuss.


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