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A parking ticket awaits the owner of a vehicle in downtown St. Louis (Brad Choat/KMOX News)

210 Parking Tickets Issued Downtown Saturday

Apparently a number of people were either unaware or didn’t care that the grace period over downtown parking meters had ended.


Photo: Getty/Justin Sullivan

Parking Meter Ticketing Begins Tomorrow Downtown

Jared Boyd, Chief of Staff to Treasurer Tishaura Jones, tells KMOX that while some don’t like the change, others, including many businesses, applaud it because it promotes turnover.



Mark Reardon: Discussion Of The Proposed St. Louis County Connector

We talk more about the proposed St. Louis County Connector with St. Louis Alderman Scott Ogilve and David Wrone of the St. Louis County Highway Department.


Photo: Getty/Justin Sullivan

Treasurer’s Office Promises Changes To Pesky Parking Meters

Are overzealous meter maids keeping people from coming to downtown St. Louis?


Hancock & Kelley – Friday, March 29th – Should there be universal gun background checks?

John and Michael talk with Mark Glaze of Mayors Against Illegal Guns; with Major Mike Lyons about North Korea ready with rockets on standby to hit U.S. bases; with Lt. Mark Donald on his book, Battle Ready; and with Jared Boyd with the STL Treasurers Office about parking meter problems in Downtown St. Louis.


Photo by Servizio Fotografico L'Osservatore Romanov via Getty Images

Total Information PM: Papal Conclave Update & Parking Meters

KMOV’s Chris Nagus is live at the Vatican with an update on the first day of the papal conclave.



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