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Migrant Workers Employed On Colorado's Largest Organic Farm

Minimum Wage, Payday Loan Petitions Submitted

Supporters of raising Missouri’s minimum wage and limiting payday loans submitted petitions Sunday to get the separate measures on the November ballot, beating this weekend’s deadline to turn in signatures.


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Missouri Voter ID Still Alive

House members voted 102-55 on Wednesday for a resolution containing the new language.


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A Push for Business Tax Cuts

St. Louis County Republican Eric Schmitt would cut the state’s corporate income tax in half over five years, starting in the 2012 tax year.


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Lawmakers Send New Business Bills to Governor

The House and Senate sent two bills to Gov. Jay Nixon before they went on spring break that were both pushed by the Missouri business community.


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More Testimony on Redistricting

The districts are being adjusted to reflect population changes from the 2010 census.


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Lawmakers Want to Extend Filing Date

The Senate votes on a bill changing the filing date for Missouri lawmakers due to uncertainty and redistricting.


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Missouri Lawmaker Says Show Me Your Papers

Rep. Lyle Rowland, said his measure responds to “controversy” about the current president.


Missouri Gov. Jay Nixon

Governor Makes Controversial Appointment

Jason Hall couldn’t win Senate confirmation as Missouri’s economic development director has received a new job in the department.


Alyssa Bustamante

Bustamante Entering Missouri’s Prison System

“If I could give my life to get her back I would. I’m sorry.”


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Mo Senate Debates Separation of Church and State

“Do we care more about providing a high-quality education to students, or do we care more about continuing the bureaucracy of an institution?



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