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Jill Schlesinger

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TIAM: Europe & $$$, Newt Is Leading, Getting Wicked With Gregory MaGuire & Occupy Stl. Heads To D.C.

Come on Europe. Get your fiscal house in order. Newt Gingrich is on a roll. The end of Oz as we know it. On the bus to D.C.


The Mark Reardon Show: Team Obama, College Protestors, DOW Surges, County Council Controversy, Albert Pujols

Josh Kraushaar, executive editor of The Hotline at The National Journal, weighs in on the 2012 presidential campaign race. Political commentator Heather Mac Donald talks about the misguided college campus protests n her piece, “Pepper […]


Arch Looking East

TIAM: Bel Far Niente, You Got A Raise This Year, The Casey Anthony Trial & MODOT’s Plow Plans

Italy’s money woes continue. That raise you got this year may go away. Casey Anthony trial. Getting plowed this winter.


Arch Looking East

TIAM: The Not-So-Super Committee, Star Trek & Flying Business Class

They aren’t so super after all. Star Trek is in town. Flying 1st or business class.


On Air

TIAM: China & The World Economy, “Super 7″ States

The world’s economy and China. “Super-Seven” states and the electoral college. Is the U.S. ready for a biological attack? Tour a kitchen and help stamp out juvenile diabetes.


joplin home makeover

The Mark Reardon Show: Senator In Joplin, Joplin Hero, Homeowner Woes, Rebuilding Lambert

Missouri Senator Roy Blunt tells us about his trip to Joplin today. Linda Lindquist Baldwin tells us about her brother Mark Lindquist who is being denied workers comp for injuries he suffered while trying to […]


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TIAM: Greece & Her $$ Woes, Kevin Wheeler & John Rooney From Texas Plus The West Wing Report

Greece is still driving the UE (and rest of the world) nuts. Kevin Wheeler and John Rooney joined us from Texas to talk about the World Series with us. President Obama is heading to California. Paul Brandus told us why.



TIAM: Companies Add More To Their Cash Stash, The Texas Rangers Are Coming & Mike Shannon

Companies with cash. The Rangers are coming! Mike Shannon on last night’s win. Nick Bilton on how you get your news.



Charlie Brennan – Tuesday, October 4th

Charlie talks with Moneywatch’s Jill Schlesinger about the Wall Street protests in NY this past weekend…Prof. James Giglio discusses his new book, “Call Me Tom: The Life of Thomas F. Eagleton”…Charlie attempts to do an imitation of KMOX Host Ralph Graczak — is he “spot on” — you be the judge!



TIAM: It’s All About Greece, The Chicago Bears, Mike Shannon & Morgan Spurlock

Greece is the word and the word isn’t good. Superbowl Champs (from 1985?) visit the White House. Mike Shannon on the Cardinals big win yesterday. Filmmaker Morgan Spurlock talked with us about his new project for ESPN.