Jim Duquette

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Sports Open Line: Jim Duquette Of MLB Network Radio Discusses The A-Rod Suspension; Kevin Kugler, Westwood One Broadcaster; Tyson Nash, Coyotes Broadcaster; Dan Lucy, Sports Director Channel 10 Springfield

Jim, Duquette of MLB Network Radio on Sirius XM Radio discusses the 162-game ban given to Yankees third baseman Alex Rodriguez.


UPI/Bill Greenblatt

The Sports Hub: Jim Duquette, Dani Apted & Gary Pinkel

Chris and Ron discuss a multitude of sports: baseball with Jim Duquette, tennis with Dani Apted, and college football with Gary Pinkel.


The Sports Hub

Sinclair Automotive Group Sports Hub – Thursday, February 10th

Dan and Mike talk with Dan O’Neill about hockey, golf, and a foundation that near to him. Plus, a former GM’s take on the Albert Pujols situation.



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